What are caregivers saying about the Fengo app?

The Fengo product team has been working with caregivers - both parents and grandparents - testing out prototypes of this app for the past few months.

Here’s what the product team has heard from caregivers so far:

“I'm glad I could give some insight as it is challenging being a parent of a child with ADHD and help is always needed. I’m so excited for this product!"
“I was glad I could provide feedback. This week I am wishing I had something to track behavior better as I feel all over the place!”
“I'm really grateful that someone is working on something so encompassing--that makes it easier for parents like us. This is a helpful tool for someone like my husband and I who need the support.” 
“My thanks also to the team for their efforts to develop programs to help the ADHD children of the world.” 

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Kristin Zibell